The Sustainies

Sustainability System & Sustainability Workshop

McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce

Character Creation:

The Sustainies™ Characters breathe life into the “Story of Sustainability

Sustainability Stories originate from within the human characteristics of the Sustainies™ characters, their flaws and talents their successes and failures, highs and lows.

The Optimistic Truth is that we must sustain ourselves in a balanced and peaceful way to sustain our place in the world, and the Sustainies show the way.




The characteristics of the individual Sustainies, WOW, TIP and PIN are brought to life by the voice and action performers, lending the puppet a personality, a distinct set of motions, actions, style, behaviours and reactions.

The live, human performances are supporting roles, performed by SustANGELS™ and Models Of Sustainability™ in support of and in relation to, the stories driven by the Sustainies distinctive characters.

Whether the Sustainies appear as still images, 2D cutouts, 3D animation, puppets, or mascots, the voice characters and performance characteristics remain consistent.




Sustainies™ and human SustANGELS™ are the “messengers of a new way of being”.

The old world is not working the way it used to, and we’re seeking a new path to happiness in our diversity.

Recognizing the deepening systems failure the world is experiencing, and gently, with humour, the Sustainies and their human friends the SustANGELS introduce radically different thinking and behavioural norms – to guide people toward a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS). Building upon underlying universal cultural values of interconnectedness and interdependence.


Technologies required to distribute the character and story of the Sustainies™ range from simple 2dimensional image reproduction, to printing cut-out masks, shadow puppets, books, 2D animation, 3D animation, live virtual 3D, motion capture, hand puppet making and costume making.

Distribution channels include internet (blogs, webpages, social media, chat [SustainIcons] , online video), ebooks, public displays, corporate and school presentations, live theatrical presentation, public service announcements, television series, movies.



Appearing / Packaging:

Win On Wednesday [WOW] infogameshow television series.


China Opportunity:

This is the opportunity to build on China’s emerging creativity – where the Chinese government itself is promoting “Created in China” as a major effort to move the country up the value chain.

The focus of the Dragonpreneur “Ethical Entrepreneurship with Chinese Characteristics” program and the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project is also to develop, train and give expression to youthful innovation and creativity in China, which is largely “unchanneled” in the current traditionally competitive environment.



Philip McMaster, creator of the Sustainies™ believes Sustainability is an ethical behaviour, requiring responsible, (ISR[1]) ethical choices (THiNK 3 WAYS[2]) in day-to-day life decisions.


McMaster has an expansive, ambitious vision of a sustainable world guided by dignity and authenticity.

Much of the world is still living in the past ages defined by the Enlightenment and Modernity where the world is seen as an intricate clockwork machine, and humans think they can view and control the world from a perspective outside the living and inanimate reality. McMaster’s belief is that the human race must adjust its focus and move beyond the human defined economic self-interest which is destroying the world as we know it, and begin to participate in equity and justice for those here now and soon to come.


Satisfaction with products, services, education,  jobs, governments and life in general are declining all over the world


A downloadable pdf describing the Characteristics of WOW, TIP and PIN The SustainiesProfilesCNname

[1] ISR = Individual Social Responsibility

[2] THiNK 3 WAYS = Think about and balance the interrelationship between Society, Environment and the Economy

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